Orthogonal Head Technology

Record performances start in the head. That goes for the UniForce series, too.

All the expertise that we have gathered in 50 years of producing universal milling heads is in every SHW machine.

The SHW universal milling head/orthogonal head is already included in the UniForce series machines! This means you get the many advantages of this head as standard:

Thanks to the universal milling head, 64,800 different machining positions are possible. Milling head (A axis) rotates by 180°, milling head adapter (C axis) by 360° (both degree by degree).

Every position can be programmed as well as positioned and processed via the CNC system.

For every head position

  • force-fit and flush connections ensure that the drive power is fully transferred and implemented in every position,
  • milling and drilling are possible,
  • every available cycle can be processed,
  • thread cutting is possible without a shim plate,
  • the positioning takes place via the planed tooth rings with a pull force of 13 t,
  • all energy is supplied through the head,
  • the repeat accuracy is <0.005 mm.

Optionally, the UniForce 6 can be equipped with the following substitute milling heads:

  • Fork head
  • Off-centre horizontal milling head
  • Angle head
  • Facing and boring head
  • Orthogonal milling head with continuously adjustable A axis
  • Long horizontal milling head
  • Short horizontal milling head