Head Change System

The automatic head change system: a wise head is not enough for us.

As dynamic as your expectations – as flexible as your tasks:

The SHW head change system is intended for anyone who would like to combine the benefits of various processing machines in one machine. 
In this system we not only offer a universal milling head change interface, but additionally a continuously adjustable C axis, which can be used as a full NC axis in the program.

Further heads such as the fork head for five-axis simultaneous processing are a part of our standard program. Individual heads, for special customer requirements, can be tailor-made. State-of-the-art torque drives in the head change interface and the latest control technology allow a simultaneous processing of the C axis together with the other NC axes. The C axis can be hydraulically clamped in every position – making even the most difficult chipping requirements no problem.

Our standard heads include:

  • SHW universal milling head in orthogonal design, 
  • liquid-cooled with a max. speed of up to 8,000 rpm
  • SHW horizontal head up to 1,000 mm
  • SHW angle head with an ultra-compact design
  • SHW fork head for five-axis simultaneous processing