SHW in the U.S.

SHW Machine Tools North America — Your Total Machining Resource

We support SHW machine owners in North America in every way possible to help them succeed in their respective manufacturing operations. SHW Machine Tools North America adheres to the highest standards; stresses integrity in all its business dealings; is committed to constant innovation in the products and service it delivers; and is dedicated to increasing the productivity of its clients.

We provide sales assistance, engineering support, delivery, installation, training, front-line field service, and spare parts requirements to ensure that your SHW machine performs at the highest level. SHW Machine Tools North America professionals provide in-depth product support through phone communication, field service assistance and technical training. Whether you need mechanical, electrical, operational or programming service, SHW’s team of skilled professionals will draw on years of field experience to maintain your productivity and profitability.


New Machine Installation

SHW Machine Tools North America service actually starts before you receive your machine. To make sure that your new machine is up and running as quickly as possible, we hold review meetings to ensure that your new machine arrives configured as ordered and ready to install. During the installation, SHW Machine Tools North America maintains regular contact with the service technician to ensure that the setup goes smoothly. The information gathered during the installation check-up calls is also used to continuously improve performance. When the machine is installed, the technician will go over machine features, options, preventive maintenance, basic operation and programming to make certain that your machine is operating at maximum efficiency.

After your machine goes into service, SHW Machine Tools North America will contact you to review your perception of the entire sales and installation process. This includes your impression of the sales representative, the machine condition and performance, how the machine fits your needs and whether you still have any unresolved issues.

SHW Machine Tools North America will also perform a six-month follow-up interview in an effort to ensure your long-term satisfaction and success.

Comprehensive Expertise

SHW Machine Tools North America has the tools and team of experts to completely handle your support needs long after the sale. Our team of machine tool professionals has faced virtually every tough situation you might run up against – so SHW pros can talk you through electrical drawings, mechanical procedures, part programming, and basic operations. We support your needs for the life of your SHW machine.