German Quality

There are no alternatives to ‘quality’.

Inherent in the SHW machine tools is the famous ‘Made in Germany’ quality. It is the key to our continuous growth over the course of the years. Together with our international customers, we have developed into a company that operates worldwide – in more than 45 countries around the globe. Nevertheless, we remain committed to the Aalen site. It is our origin, it is where our success is founded, it is where we are investing in the future.

We produce in Germany because it is where we have found qualified employees, optimum conditions and like-minded partners with whom we can fulfill these expectations. All of the components that we purchase must also fulfill our stringent quality criteria. We prefer to use parts with the ‘Made in Germany’ seal of quality. Naturally, this is typical for a traditional Swabian company such as ourselves and the likes of Porsche, BMW, Zeis, Alfing and Mercedes-Benz. Values such as trust, reliability, solidity and predictability are in our genes and are evident in what we deliver: the best quality in the world.