Responsive Service that Ensures Your Satisfaction

Before your SHW machine is delivered, the service process begins to make sure your new SHW machine meets all your criteria. Internal review meetings are held to ensure that your new SHW machine arrives configured as ordered and ready to install. During the machine installation, performed by factory technicians, SHW Machine Tools North America maintains regular contact with the installation technicians to make certain the setup goes smoothly. The information gathered from the installation check-up calls is used to continuously improve performance. When the machine is installed, the technician will go over the machine features, basic operation and preventative maintenance to make sure that your machine will operate at maximum performance. After your machine starts production, we contact you to review your perception of the entire sales and installation process. This includes the impression of your sales contact, machine performance, how the machine fits your manufacturing needs and whether you have any unresolved issues. An additional follow-up communication takes place six months after machine acceptance in an effort to guarantee your long-term satisfaction and success.